Kuni Veel Sind Hoida Suudan (1986)
Music and lyrics by Endel Jogi Rivers

Just your smile
Gives me wings to fly
Theaches me to cry
Let's me cope, gives hope
Warms like summer rays
In my soul remains
Then I feel you're so close to me

When you smile
You shine just like a flame
Fills my heart's desire
Leaves me feeling higher
You are everywhere
Singing in my soul
And I pray for you to stay

For as long as I can hold on to your love
And while you still find your need in me
All of me and all my dreams belong to you
And the pain you feel, I'm hurting too
Living through this lonely springtime of my life
I can hear your magic laughter still...

Autumn winds
Scatter summer dreams
Like a winter's frost
Smile and laughters' lost
Autumn chills descend
In my soul to stay
As I fear you'll go away