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Scarab - Portrait of a Man (see www.scarabproduction.com)
starts with a question: "What could unlimited Oneness - with no boundaries, shapes and bodies - mean?"

In order to find some answers, we have to "rewind" all our history, the history of the Universe, as far back as it can possibly go.
In terms of contemporary science, it goes back till the moment of Big Bang, no further. But in terms of mythology, we can "rewind" the history even beyond that point, till reaching a Void - mythological Primeval Waters, which also appear in ancient texts as Primordial Chaos.

There are some striking similarities between the mythological and religious creation stories, from which it appears, that there has never been such thing as Oneness of Everything.

Compare few of these stories:

In Egyptian mythology Atum (the Creator God) and Apep (the Snake) emerge from Nu - the Primordial Watery Abyss.
In Babylonian mythology Apsu (Sumerian ab = water, zu = far) fathered upon Tiamat - a goddess who personifies the Primordial Sea.
According to Bible, everything was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
In Hindu mythology Vishnu and Lakshmi are laying on a snake in the middle of a sea.

The "Watery One" Nu from the Egyptian story consists from Nun and Nunet - male and female, and from that duality of Nu another duality emerges - Atum and Apep.

Let's try now to take a look what could be found inside that Primordial Chaos - Primeval Waters.

Diving into the Primordial Chaos.

By trying to visualize its "emotional and sensual field" which has been evolving since the beginning of time, bringing forward all sorts of life forms, moving through different stages of evolution - microorganisms, reptiles, animals, man..., it can be only imagined, how it would feel to have all their emotions and senses - of known and unknown, of "blessed and evil creatures" - all combined within that Oneness. How would it feel to be the "One and Only" inside that Chaos - without any boundaries between opposing wishes, urges, dreams, thoughts and feelings?

On the other hand, Oneness, when there are no boundaries, means Totality of Mass - a massive Cosmic Ocean with unparalleled, enormously powerful force field.

In science, a critical concentration of mass ends in gravitational collapse - in a black hole, which brings to an end all "unique relations", replaced by Oneness. Philosophically, a similar collapse could be found in the World's history, where concentration of mass stands for human masses who follow a "Great One".

Would it be possible to imagine the power of Oneness without the power of mass - the only force that can destroy all life with the energy contained, all creation, if exceeding a certain threshold for its concentration.

But when mass is separated, balanced and managed, it becomes a constructive, life carrying force - like galaxies, stars, planets, nations... who by following different leaders - either willingly or unwillingly - will be balancing each other's powers to avoid collapsing under own weight - the Tower of Babel.

Engraving by Gustave Dore.

Yet mass (Primeval Waters) does not have any power when there is no motion - when there is Complete Silence. It's because energy power can appear only in relation to movement, and movement can appear only when mass is separated from mass - waters from waters.

In that Meditative Silence, in the middle of calm Primeval Waters with an enormous energy potential, all creation is made - in no motion, but in a thought - in a dream that has reached through countless transformations by balancing all emotions within itself to a level of awareness that enables to see Everything within itself...

before making a decisive move to free itself from the chains of static eternity, where all opposites are bound together as One. It is the moment of Creation that shakes the Primeval Waters - breaking the immobile prison in a flash of light into two - Above and Below - in a time shift that separates in every second three hundred million measures of Everything.

Who could possibly have the ability to make that move - from absolute immobility?

In the Scene 1 of the story of Scarab (God of Becoming in Egyptian mythology), the contradictions of "being One" are explored by the "escape" of Scarab from a state of nothingness, where "positive" and "negative" are trapped within an enormous magnetic forcefield, which keeps everything in absolute equilibrium. First all happenings take place in a dream - all that was, is, and will be - before "exploding" into the Time and Space.

The Scene 2 describes Big Bang as a solution to the dilemma Scarab had, so that one, after splitting into two, could break free (to purify, "filter" itself) through the third dimension - the present - which stands between the past and future of Eternity.

The Scenes 3 and 4 of the Scarab's story are about the evolving Universe, starting from its gaseous formation (element Air), then reaching a liquid state (element Water), expressed in the production by the first two children of Scarab (or Atum in Egyptian mythology) - Shu and Tefnut.
Then Shu and Tefnut give birth to their children - Geb and Nut - who represent the formation of the first star systems and planets; and after Shu (Air) and Tefnut (Water) have separated Fire from Dust - Nut (Night Sky) from Geb (Earth) , they give birth to the first children of Earth and Sky, all born from relations between these four elements - Air, Water, Dust and Fire - Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and Seth.

The second half of the production is called Characters, which shows the relations between these elements through a newly evolving energy circulation called Chakras. Every energy chakra is represented by a deity, who has been given a certain character, to express his/her relations to the other energy chakras - the other characters - which evolve into a story of relations between the deities.

One of the conceptual relations of the production to the history and mythology of Ancient Egypt is that the first pharaohs in Egypt did not have a snake placed to their forehead (on the crown), in around 3100 BC, when the first dynasty was established.

But then (similar to all growing empires in history), when struggle for power intensified, many murders were committed in Egypt in order to hold on or to gain the throne, and new ruling dynasties were established, after which new interpretations of Gods emerged, and also... - Snake (cobra) was firmly established as the protective power of pharaoh - placed on his forehead (on the crown).

A similar sequence of events takes place in Scarab production - after Osiris and Isis have created a beautiful garden, and until Osiris is alive, Seth is unable to conquer the Garden of isis and Osiris, as the Root energy force - the Primeval Power - is unable to conquer Intellect, the Throne. But after Seth murders Osiris, while he is sleeping, Seth establishes his own law to rule over the Land.

Later Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, fights Seth, and establishes a new balance of power, but because the Eye has been "swallowed", he has to fight blind.

The relations within the emotional-sensual energy field of chakras, represented in the production by the six deities, can take endless visual forms - similar to what could be seen in a dream or is manifested in the nature.

Below is an example of 6 mythological manifestations:
the Root chakra - Snake; the Sacral chakra - Wild Cat; Solar Plexus - Jackal; Heart chakra - Hawk, Throat chakra - Taurus, Third Eye chakra - Ram, expressing the (archetypal) world of causality, and while originating from the invisible "Inner World", these relations affect and shape the whole "Outer World" (currently there are about 1.4 million species described) from the same mass (hydro genes), which originates from the Primordial Waters.

The seventh chakra - the Crown, which is located above body, is the Eye of the Throne, while the Third Eye chakra - the Throne of the Eye, can also be interpreted as the Second Eye: in the mythology Inner Eye of Scarab (Atum), after leaving body to find Shu and Tefnut, became Outer Eye, while a new Eye was growing on its place. The returning Outer Eye (the descending spirit) was then facing the new Inner Eye at the Throne (the ascending spirit).
As it was mentioned earlier, in relation to the power struggle, there have been many interpretations of Gods, often depending who was at the throne.

About the musical concept.

All possible manifestations that originate from the above presented relations - from the Root level to Crown level - are created and create in turn different "vibes" (feels, vibrations), which may have pleasant or unpleasant tonalities, be in harmony or in dissonance, structured or chaotic, intelligent or brutal, soft, loud, mild, intense...

There is a first base Chord that no-One can ever Sing:
G (red), C (green) and F (violet), unless there are Three Independent Voices who can create that harmonic relation, forming the basis for the three Root Chords: G, C and F, which in turn form the basis for all other chords, their variations, alterations, and different scales for endless melodies.

All chords that are related to these three chords, can be arranged to form Harmonic Cycles, which could be altered by just One note at the end of cycle, which opens "a door" to another, a different cycle.